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Free Sewing Pattern for Hooded Harry Potter Robes

Free DIY Sewing Pattern: Lined and Hooded harry potter Hogwarts robes.



This is a very simple sewing tutorial for making lined Hogwarts Robes. I have gone for burgundy lining because I was under instructions to make a set of Gryffindor robes for World Book Day 🙂

For these robes you will need:

  • 2 – 3m of black fabric, depending on the size of the robes you need to make.
  • Same amount of lining fabric.
  • Needles (It is important to use new needles if you want it to look good!)
  • Scissors
  • Threads
  • A pull over or “Onesie” belonging to the child – This will help with sizing and I find onesies easier to work with than actual human children.



STEP 1: Take your black fabric, fold it in half and place your “onesie” or sizing aid on top of the fabric to draw round.








STEP 2: Once you have drawn around the onesie in the shape pictured below, you will need to cut it out.











STEP 3. Next you need to do the same for the lining fabric.

Well, not exactly the same, I would just pop the freshly cut black piece on top of the lining fabric and draw and cut again.

**Linings need to be slightly smaller than the main pattern piece. This is because when you turn it round and press it — it gives a much nicer edge if your linging fabric has been cut smaller. ***.

Free Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes Free DIY Sewing Pattern

STEP 4: Cut the center line up the front of the robes in both the black and lining fabrics. 


STEP 5: Cut out the x2 Hood Shape in each fabric. In the picture, the face part is pointing UPWARDS. …..  The straightish side pointing to the right is the bit you will attach to the robes.   Remember to cut the lining slightly smaller.


Step 6 – Sew up the back of the head section, leaving an opening for the face.   Do this for both the main hood and lining hood.





STEP 7: Sew the main hood onto the main section and the lining hood onto the lining section. Line up the seam with the centre back of the robes and pin there first and work your way outwards.



STEP 8:  Pin the lining and the and main fabric right sides together and sew all the way around, leave an opening at the bottom to turn them the right side round again.



free harry potter robes pattern









STEP 9: Turn it the right side round again and…..


I mean really…. really… iron it, iron it again and then iron some more.   You can really improve the final quality of the product an awesome ironing job.   …






STEP 11: While the iron it out, Iron over the bottom hems – I took mine up a good few inches because my boy is just getting into harry potter so I figure I can get a few years out of these robes at least.


STEP 12:   Sew the hems round and pop on a few buttons —-  mine are literally for display.  I have added some hook and eyes to the robes behind the buttons to keep it together. Making the robes join together just under the hood will create a flowing set of robes











free Harry potter robes gryffindor hogwarts robes patternfree harry potter robes


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